Friday, April 26, 2013

Flashback Friday: Santa's Chubbiest Little Helper

Happy Happy Friday! The days are getting shorter for me to get my things together, so today after work needs to be productive! I have to pack the rest of my belongings and load up my dad's trailer with it all. So far all I have done is a few shelves, my bathroom stuff and one of my dressers. So that leaves pretty much everything else to be packed in a day essentially. Oopsie! haha I'm just not a big fan of packing and moving. I like unpacking and organizing and finding new homes for my things, but packing it all up is the yukky part. Any takers to come have a packing party with Katie?! I'll supply the pizza and beer!!

Speaking of beer, I am attending this years Edmonton Beer Fest tomorrow afternoon with two of my gal pals from work. I am so looking forward to this as I have always wanted to go and I Love trying new beers. Should be a good time with good friends J

I hope you all have a great weekend, let's cross our fingers for this lovely spring weather to stick around for awhile. And wish me luck with my mad-dash to pack to move before I leave for my trip weekend!

P.S. Only 5 more days until Amy and I leave for Italy, jealous???
-   Katie xoxo

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

10 Things

10 Things That Have Made Me Happy So Far This Week

1. The fact that I leave in 8 days for Venice.
2. Saturday night dinner with my brother, sister and a couple of good friends
3. Going to the Oilers game with the girls last night
4. Attending Mama Blogs event tonight with my lovely friend
5. The fact that I am moving to a new home in the next week
6. (Not) looking forward to packing to move in the next week!
7. My new tattoo
8. Breaking in new sandals
9. Date night with Kelvin on this Thursday
10. Getting my business plans all worked out - it's slowly coming along and I'm so excited for it!

-   Katie xoxo