Sunday, September 25, 2011

Michelle & Andrew

I remember the day.  I had gone over to Andrew and Michelle's house to see how their first doctors appointment with baby #2 went. They had opened up their computer to show me, what I thought were 2 different pictures of my soon to be niece or nephew..... and then they scrolled down. They both watched my reaction as I read the typing at the top of the photos "Twin A" & "Twin B". It was definitely a  very shocking and happy moment for our family. It couldn't have happened to two better people.

Enjoy these pics of the happy couple, even Nat joined in for some family fun! 

Look at how beautiful she is with that massive belly! Even she can't believe how big it was, and these pictures weren't even her full term!


  1. Love it. That is one massive belly. I don't even know how people have more than 2 at a could a belly possibly get bigger than that?! Thanks for the beautiful pics Sis!

  2. I remember the day too. Andrew called me and just said plain and simple: We are having twins. And I laughed at him and said you are hilarious, but no really how'd Michelle's appointment go? And he said no seriously Amy, we are having twins. And I said no, you aren't. And in the background I heard Michelle say, he isn't lying Amy, we are having twins!!
    And the rest is history! Now I can't imagine our family without them :)