Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Night with the Babes

So tonight I headed over to my brothers house for a night of babysitting. I took some pictures to document my stay with the 3 munchkins.

The night started with me walking into the door to see a smiling rhodes bouncing in his bouncer:

And Bella was chilling on the floor:

Natalie was being a sneaky girl trying to get a closer view of "Max & Ruby":

Then Daddy came home for some hugs:

Natalie loves her Elmo drawing book:

Bella went back to the blanket for more rolling time after some fun with aunty:

Snack time, Babybel Cheese mmm: 

Some twin bonding time:

Rhodes was a bit tuckered after his bottle, what a handsome little dude:

Bella's turn in the bouncer:

Natalie headed out for a walk with her Grampy, decided to dress herself; this was the result:

Hendrix looking out the front window for mama and papa to come home. What a prince! :

Bath time didn't involve the camera as there are way too many splashes going on! Overall, all three of the rugrats behaved nicely. Just a few fusses from the twins here and there. After a couple diaper changes and 1 more bottle each for the twins, they were all set in their jams ready for mom and dad to come home and put them in bed. This is a glimpse of my night with my 3 favorite little people! 

- Enjoy!


  1. They are all so cute. I'm so lucky! Thanks for sharing!!! xo

  2. I love the way you laid that blog out and documented certain moments of the night!

    Your blogs keep getting better and better my seester!


  3. katie...thanks for this blog!!! I love the updates on everyone.....miss you and love you!!!