Monday, October 3, 2011

Thunder Lake Provincial Park

So, I survived my first ever weekend camping trip! It was a little cold, but was for sure a fun experience. I went with my boyfriend Troy and our 4 friends. The boys spent the majority of Saturday out quadding so us girls were left to set up the tarps and chop the fire wood! Who needs men anyways?! 
The rain did came and go a bit, but not enough to bother us. The weekend included: Walks around the park, a very beautiful sunset Friday night, met a couple other campers, found a playground with the most awesome purple whales ever, indulging in a few beverages, target practice with the BB gun, and sitting around the campfire. We also had a lot of hot chocolate and Baileys to keep us nice and toasty. 
As promised, here are some pictures of my adventures from the weekend. 

Driving into the park

Andy sweeping our campsite with a big branch

Troy setting up our tent

Finished product

Me putting our "Occupied Ticket" on the site number

The Girls. Left to Right - Stacey, Andrea, Me

Jessie playing in the water

Beautiful Sunset at the Beach

Our Shadows!


Gorgeous Sunset on the Lake

Overflow - Can't waste the beer!

Andy having some fun

Stacey on a very fun purple whale

Andrea 'Havin a time'

The 3 Lads heading down to the beach


Andrea getting the bacon all ready

2011 Camping, cellphones, can't live without em!

Double-Yolked Egg

Mrs. Hick herself, Andrea doing some target practice

More purple whale action

Andy on Fire

How we kept warm all weekend

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