Monday, November 21, 2011

Kids Christmas Party

Saturday was my office's Christmas party for the kids, hosted at Lets Play. I thought the venue was a great idea that catered to kids of every age. So mommaz, Amy, Natalie and I headed over to the party together. Due to the lovely -33 windchill Saturday morning, the twins didn't come with us.
Natalie had a blast running around, her favourite part was the ball pool. She would grab a ball in each hand run around to the staircase go up around to the slide and throw them down the slide. She did this probably 20 times, and even made a few friends.
Then we went into the gym set with long tables to sit and eat before Santa made his visit. At this point Natalie wasn't the happiest of campers, so the picture with mom and Santa isn't the nicest one! We spent about 2 hours there, and overall it was a good time. So here are some snapshots of my Saturday morning.

- Enjoy!

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