Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Baking #2

Sunday I was over at my friend Stacey's house along with our buddy Andrea to do some Christmas baking. First we headed on over to the grocery store to pick up our supplies (along with a cart full of other things for our own fridges). As a treat we stopped by Starbucks and each bought a latte to warm us up on a chilly overcast Sunday afternoon. We each brought a recipe with us to triple so that we could all have a little bit of each others. Andrea decided on Ginger Snaps, Stacey did a Pecan Square and I chose the traditional Sugar Cookie. We also decided to experiment and make some Mulled Red Wine. It turned out nicely and was a delicious treat while we baked. 5 hours later, I headed out of the door exhausted accompanied with a couple dozen cookies and squares.

♥ K

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