Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hello Babies!

Happy Sunday everyone, the weekend flew by just like they always do! Friday I stayed in for a quiet night at home for some cleaning and catch up. Yesterday I headed on down to Beaumont to visit Michelle and the 3 babes. Oh my how they are so so cute! I brought my camera along for some winter onesies pictures (pics to follow). I managed to get a few good shots before the twinnies started to fuss as it was their nap time. Once we put them down for their nap Natalie and I had some fun playing, singing & watching Elmo together. After that it was time for her own"Sleepy-Sleep Time". Although she didn't sleep for very long before I heard "MOMMY" coming from her room. I'm a sucker for that little ham so I went and grabbed her to play some more :) 

Hope you all had a nice weekend, I will post the Christmas pictures sometime this week for you. In the mean time I will leave you with a few pics of the twins in their jammies. 

♥ K

{Hi Bella!}

{Hi Rhodey!}


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  1. They are so darn cute, I can't blame you for being over there as much as you can.