Monday, December 19, 2011

A Letter to Rhodes

Oh my adorably handsome little nephew, how I love you so much. You have the biggest smile I have ever seen on a baby with big kissable, chubby cheeks! You laugh and giggle all the time, and absolutely love to jump in your saucer and Jolly Jumper. Each day you grow you look more and more like your daddy. You bring a smile to my face the minute I walk in the door. I am so happy that you and your sisters are a part of my life, you have no idea. The 3 of you have given me such a different perpective on life. My hope is for you to continue on smiling at life no matter what is thrown your way. You are the little dude of the family, so it's your job to look after those 2 sisters of yours. If I could have it my way, and i'm sure mommy feels the same way, I would have the 3 of you stay small and innocent forever. In the meantime, I will treasure each and every moment that I spend with you.

I love you to the moon and back.

Aunty Katie

♥ K


  1. Katie you bring tears to my eyes that is how I felt about my girls when they were little now it is how I feel with all the grand children. Life is too precious enjoy each moment with them. Nona Nori use to always say the children is the most importent ting in life not so much the old people! Loved her for that. Aunty Len

  2. oh my handsome prince! I'm one lucky, lucky mommy!!!! Adorable post Katie <3