Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Them 3 Babes

Saw my 3 angels tonight and I must say they are pretty freaking adorable. Bell & Rhodey were wearing matching Sesame Street onesies, too cute. Natalie was walking around in a diaper and a pink, frilly shirt. I walked in with one of the Christmas trays from the weekend, so I was an instant hit with Nat and Drix. It was pretty funny watching Nat push a chair across the kitchen floor to the counter where I had set the tray. Her attempt at stealing a cookie ended up with some giant crocodile tears and screaming when I took her away from the counter and put the desserts up higher. 

Everyone is doing well, Bell's teeth are getting pretty prominent, Rhodes will get up into a crawl stance and rock back and forth. Natalie has a new thing with being as loud as she can possibly be, whether it be singing, babbling or yelling at aunty/mama. I did manage to snap a few shots in the short while I was there.

- ♥ K

{Using my lens cap as a cell phone}


{Dashing Rhodes}

{Beautiful Bell}

{Pretending to Sleep}

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  1. I love those onesies!!! - Oh, Nat and those crocodile tears... She's hilarious.