Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tonights Tales

This week has started off as a busy one. Only 5 more days until Christmas, can you believe it (I know I can't). I feel like yesterday was July,  but here we are December 20, 2011 approaching another New Year. Is everyone ready for Christmas? I have to buy 1 more present and stocking stuffers and finish up my wrapping. On Thursday I am headed down to Calgary to spend the holidays with my family there so i've got to get it all done tomorrow. 

Having family in different provinces has its benefits (Vacations!!) but come holiday time, I wish that we were all a bit closer to each other. Maybe i'll have to plan an extended weekend trip there in the near future. I can't wait until the summer to see everyone again. I miss my crazy family way too much :)

And speaking of the coast, this morning when I woke up it was +5 outside! It even rained this afternoon, which will be lovely in the morning waking up to icy roads. This is crazy considering it is December 20 and we live in Alberta. I am just bracing for our real winter to hit us smack in the face. Bring it on Mother Nature, i'm waiting for you. 

Have a lovely night everyone, I shall leave you with some pictures taken last week of the babes!

♥ K

{Dizzy fall after a bit too much twirling in her Princess dress}

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