Sunday, January 22, 2012

Alphabet Fun with Mom

Friday night I was over at my brothers house for a visit, and Michelle was laying on the floor with her 3 munchkins playing the Elmo alphabet game on the iPad. Little miss Natalie loves the "Hi-Pad" and can navigate her way around that thing like nobody's business. One of her favourite games, naturally, is the learning with Elmo app. I'm not the biggest fan of her using the iPad, but there are some great learning apps for kids available. The Sesame Street one is great as it goes through the alphabet, gives examples of things that start with the letter and lets you trace both the upper and lower case letters while sounding them out. Here are some shots of  mama and her babes learning the alphabet together:

♥ K


  1. Wow that is such a cute shot! Did you plan that?


    1. No, it started when Michelle was taking a pic of the twins with the iPad and then she laid t down and Nat brought up the Elmo game. The twins will crawl over to the iPad/computer if you set it on the floor now.

  2. Katie I need your address call me later tonight. Aty len

  3. Hahaha i love how all 3 of them are just SO entranced!