Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas 2011

I know, I know, it's January 5 already and I am just posting about my Christmas. It has been a busy past few weeks, so better late than never right!?

Troy and I headed down to Calgary December 23 and did  the Lake Louise ski trip with Amy. December 24 we woke up made breakfast and went for a walk along the river. That was nice to be able to get out with the family on a lovely winter afternoon. We ended up downtown at the Eau Claire Market place for a latte and then wandered back to the vehicles.

Last year we went out to the Banff Springs Hotel for Christmas Eve dinner. We had such a good time that we have made it a tradition for us. So off we went at 5pm west on the highway towards Banff. We arrived an hour before supper so we had time to walk around the hotel and take in the beauty of the amazing building. 

Supper was amazingly scrumptious! There was 1 of everything to choose from, buffet style. But not just any buffet, totally gourmet buffet. We all stuffed our faces and drank delicious wine and then headed back home.

Christmas day was filled with champagne and orange juice with our big breakfast, unwrapping presents, playing with our new gifts, naps, walks, and yet another amazing supper. I was totally spoiled this year K I love my family to death, and would be completely fine if I was given a hug and a kiss. As long as I get to spend time with my family, that makes me happy. BUTTTT my papa bought me a Canon Speedlite for my camera!!!!!! YAY!!! My boyfriend bought me a drawing tablet for my Mac so I can edit my pictures. YAY!!! My sister, brother & sister-in-law all pitched and bought me a Kobo Touch e-reader. YAY!!! I also got new slippers, a couple necklaces, a beautiful decoration for my home, a big picture frame, and some more little things…like I said, SPOILED this year!

Boxing Day my sister Amy and I attempted some shopping. First we tried to go to Chinook Center, what a nightmare that was. We ended up going downtown to the Core which was way quieter with less people but still has awesome stores! I managed to get a couple good scores, including new boots for 40% off!!! Couldn’t pass these up as I have been eyeing them up for about 2 years now. 

Amy and I drove to Edmonton later that day as my brother Andrew and his band, Enemy Surplus, had a show on Whyte Ave. They were awesome, and everyone seemed to have had a great time! 

December 27 dad joined us over at my brothers place and we had our Christmas with Andrew Michelle and the babies. It was a blast watching Natalie open everyone’s presents! She would go crazy on the present, unwrap it look at it for 30 seconds, throw it down and grab another one. Too cute I tell ya!! 

A wonderful end to another year, couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas holiday (Except maybe if my brother and his family were with us for the Calgary Part). What did you guys do for Christmas? Are there other people out there who were spoiled as well? I would love to hear about it!

♥ K

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