Sunday, January 29, 2012

Crafty Katie: Canvas Word Art

I love to spend my free time doing something I enjoy, which is crafting. I used to do crafts all the time when I was younger but I stopped as I was so busy with school and soccer. Since moving back to Edmonton I have had more free time. I have been looking online and in stores at projects for me to do. Today I decided to do a canvas word art project that I saw on Pinksugarland's Blog last week. So, I woke up grabbed my stack of magazines that I rounded up, made a cappuccino and started clipping. It took awhile to clip all the words and letters, but I think it was well worth it. I am very happy with the final product, and already have more ideas floating around in my head.

♥ K

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  1. Looks awesome, I love it! I'm looking going to start looking online for crafts so we can do more! My mom really liked the letters we did, now we just have to go to ikea and buy some shelves for the kids rooms!!!