Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Monday

Well, another Monday has come which means another weekend has gone bye. This weekend sure went quickly for me. Friday I went over to my brother's house after work for a baby visit. Once Andrew got home, Michelle and I headed out just the 2 of us to enjoy some baby-free girl time. We went shopping mainly for Bell as she needed some winter clothes, but also found some things for ourselves. Is it just me, or is that how it always goes - Find things to buy when you aren't looking, but when you are looking for a specific piece you can never find it!
After our shopping we headed over to Earls for some dinner. We had a spinach and feta appy, Michelle got the baked chicken and brie burger and I got the chicken and veggie quesadilla. The food was pretty good, and the company was even better! Michelle works so hard staying at home with those 3 beautiful babes of hers, I jump at a chance to give her a night out. We had a good time shopping, eating and gabbing like hens. 
Saturday I babysat the twins while Michelle and Natalie went to visit a couple old friends. It was a fairly uneventful time as the twins slept from 12-3! I ended up staying there for the better part of the day, then headed home to watch a movie with Troy. Sunday was a very eventful day with tackling my To-Do list. I love catch-up and cleaning days, makes me feel good! (That's my inner nerd speaking). Happy Monday to you all!

{Bell's favourite place to crawl to}

{Ready for her date with mommy) 

{All Smiles}

♥ K

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  1. Awww those are such great pictures of all of them!!!! Thanks for all your help, you have no idea how much its appreciated!!! love ya xoxo