Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My New Bag

I have been looking for a new camera bag for awhile to use for everyday activities. I love my backpack, but it is so big that I don't like to take it when I go for a quick visit to see the babies or a friend. What I had been doing for the past while was wrapping my camera and lens in a scarf and setting it in my purse. So not safe, especially for something as fragile and expensive as my camera!

I had been doing my research on camera bags just for ladies for months now, lusting for a couple in particular. I kept saying, "I want one, I should just buy it already" and my sister kept saying, "THEN JUST DO IT ALREADY!!". This went on for about 6 months. I was putting it off because of the prices, when I already have a perfectly fine bag. Then, one day I stumbled upon Jo Totes and fell in love with the Rose bag. I really wanted the Pewter one, but unfortunately I had waited a wee bit too long and they were sold out from Christmas. My runner up was the Bronze, which I finally went through and purchased. They are great as they are designed for your camera, a couple lenses, your flash, some accessories and even has enough room so that it can double as your everyday purse.

I wasn't expecting the bag for about 2 weeks due to customs and crossing the border, but what a surprise I got when the bag arrived for me just 5 days later! I'm always a bit hesitant purchasing online as products don't always look like they do online. My opinion of the bag in person, it's even better than the pictures! I am so happy with it, the size, colour, inside  fabric pattern, magnetic clasps for fast/easy access, shoulder strap and arm straps, it's perfect for me! I highly recommend this bag for other gals - It's even a good size to be used as a diaper bag. Here are some shots of my fabulous new bag.

♥ K

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  1. I love!!!!!! I am saving this link and sending it to Ben! muahaha early birthday present??