Friday, February 24, 2012


I just love this dog. For those of you that don't know, this is my brother's pooch Hendrix. He is 3.5 years old and a prince! My sister-in-law, Michelle actually rescued him along with the rest of his litter who were abandoned. Her intention was to pick them up and bring them in to the local pet adoption clinic. By the time she had driven back to Edmonton (They were found outside of Rocky Mountain House) she had found a home for each and every one of them! Hendrix is a mix of many breeds including German Sheppard, Blue Heeler and they also think there is a bit of coyote in him as well. Seeing him as a puppy and knowing all the breeds he comes from, we all thought he would grow into a large dog. He didn’t though, he’s the perfect mid-size pooch! Natalie has grown very fond of her puppy and he of her. It’s always nerve racking to see how an animal will react to a baby, but he has been the perfect dog with all three of the kids. He will lay there and take the hair grabbing and eye poking all day long. He knows when he is annoyed to just get up and move elsewhere. This makes me, also my brother and Michelle very happy as it would have been very sad to see the dog go if he was aggressive. Anyways, that’s my story on my pup (I call him mine because I see him all the time anyways, and he loves me J). 

Happy Friday! Tonight I am heading over to Michelle’s for a girls night with some munchies, wine drinking and board games. Until next time…

 ♥ K

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