Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Princess Bed

Natalie has finally decided to be the big girl that she is and sleep in her toddler bed. Michelle has attempted this twice before, with no luck. But the other night I helped her take the crib apart and haul in the toddler princess bed. She loves it! Michelle said she only had to chase her back to bed twice, but then no problems after that. First thing she did when I went over after work today was take me upstairs to show me her bed. She told me to get in with her and cuddle under the blankies. Then she insisted I cuddle with her puppy, Elmo and "Winnie the Poop" as she likes to call him. She's such a doll!

Rhodes was a tad fussy, not wanting to be put down for too long. Bella was quite and content with crawling around the living room doing her thing! Michelle told me that Bella actually stood up today! She was on her hands and knees, leaning against a toy, and then pushed herself up to a standing position. They're getting so close to being like their sister - constantly running somewhere and spinning and dancing and jumping. It sure will be a busy house hold when the twins learn how to walk.
Happy Hump Day!

♥ K

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  1. So cute! She did so good in her big bed....I'm so scared of this!