Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Blush Baby

She loves to dress up and put on "makeup" - such a girly girl!

-        Katie

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday: Twins Edition

So here I am, the day after my birthday. My my how time goes by (that kind of rhymes!).  I am one of those 'strange' people that has a plan for just about everything. Well, at least a plan for anything that I have the control over! I do have a 7 year plan - which I guess is now a 6 year plan....It's a list of things I want need to accomplish before I turn 30. I get a lot of laughs about my little plan, but it's what makes me happy - so laugh away people! 

So Friday I told you I was going to help Michelle clean the basement. Well we ended up going to a fundraiser together with all the proceeds towards the Cross Cancer Institute which was being put on by some people I work with. We had a blast mingling with my co-workers and having some drinks. It was even better knowing that you were drinking and raising money for a great cause. Saturday we woke up and did some organizing and cleaning downstairs. I spent the whole day in Beaumont with Michelle and the kiddos. I can't get over how big the twins have gotten already. 10.5 months old already!! They are moving so quick, and they are so curious about everything. They have also started to 'fight' with each other. When one twin has something, be it a toy or a spoon, the other wants it. If one twin is getting a diaper change on the floor, the other will crawl over top of them. It's cute to watch, but I think it's a sign for what is to come as they get older - uh-oh!

Sunday I headed back to Beaumont to join the family for Ahmya's 1st bday party in Leduc. Lots of little buddies for all three of the kids to play with. Then later I watched "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". What a crazy movie - i've heard a lot about it, but haven't gotten around to read the books. I finally got in loop and watched it. So that was my weekend, like always it went far too quickly! 

How did you guys spend your weekends? Leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you! :)

-        Katie

Friday, March 23, 2012

Twins, Tears & A Toddler

Happy Friday to you all - A much needed Friday after a stressful week I might add! What are you guys doing for the weekend? I am headed to Beaumont after work to help Michelle spring clean the basement/storage area. I brought my jammies so Aunty is having a slumber party with her munchkins tonight! Tomorrow I am doing homework and housework. Sunday the kids, Michelle and I are headed to Leduc for Ahmya's first birthday party. Should be a good few days to be enjoyed!

-        Katie

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Loving: My baby sister. A friend of both mine and Amy’s recently told Amy that she was jealous of our sister relationship. I don’t even think about it, but as this friend pointed out – we talk…. ALL THE TIME. When I’m at work we are e-mailing while she’s in class. At lunch we are texting, sometimes chit chatting on the phone. After work there is always a phone call to one another. The rest of the night we are texting back and forth, and some nights we Skype. This may sound crazy, but this is our everyday routine. I don’t know if this is cute, or sad. Ha-Ha, I think we need more friends Amy ;) !!

Thinking about: How crazy life has been recently. Busy. Busy. Non-Stop. Always something on the go. I really need to slow down and breathe.

Anticipating: Mine and Amy’s trip to California, which was a surprise. My aunt and cousin really wanted to go to Disneyland again (we went a few years ago together and had a blast!). So we have booked our trip for May 2-7 and I am getting so pumped. We are going to take a day and head to Huntington Beach for a day, visit Mickey and friends, eat lots of yummy California food, and of course – shop till we drop!!! I am so excited as I have been in need of a holiday. My life is always so hectic and stressful, it’ll be nice to get away for those few days and enjoy the fresh air!

Listening to: CCR on the radio. I do love me some Creedence Clearwater!

Eating: Drinking water since it's bedtime.

Wishing: That spring will come soon. I know it’s technically spring, but as I sit here typing I’m looking out the window to snow falling. I love snow, but spring just makes me so happy! It’s always been one of my most favourite seasons since I can remember

How about you guys? What have you been up to recently?

-         Katie

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sibling Love

Sunday afternoon - already. The weekend disappeared on me, seriously! Friday I went for a visit with Michelle and the kids. We took Natalie and went into the city for a little shopping. Nat is not a very good shopper, she get's distracted way too easily and just wanted to run around the stores. Which is understandable as she is 2.5 years old, but momma Michelle said next time she stays home with Granny. 

Everyone is doing well, the twins and crawling around like nobody's business, and standing up everywhere and pretty steadily. Should be soon now when those two start to walk. Natalie is as funny as ever right now. The personality on that kid is crazy. She is just way too funny how she acts and the things she say. It's always entertaining spending time with that little goof ball. 

As I said, yesterday I had the pleasure of tagging alone with Katya to be her second shooter for Em's wedding. I had a blast and learnt lots, which only gets me more excited about photography. My body is a little sore today from standing and squatting all day, so my workout at the gym this morning wasn't as good as I would have liked it to be. I am headed to the Edmonton Oilers game tonight with a friend. I am pretty excited as I haven't been to a game this season yet. Even though i'm not a big fan of the Oilers (Go Flames!) it's always a good time to be at the arena with the energy of the fans all around. Hope you all had a good weekend!

- ♥ K

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St Patty's Day

Happy St. Patty's Day everyone! I just spent the last 12 hours at Emily & Danny's wedding as the second photographer. So needless to say, I am exhausted right now! I shall be a busy bee for the next few weeks editing. Looking forward to sharing them with you guys. I am off to bed, Good Night!

- ♥ K

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Arranged Marriage Anyone?!

Natalie had a blast playing with our family friend Andrew, whom you may remember from here. Andy is quite a shy little boy, but Nat sure did get him to come out of his safety zone and let loose. They were sharing cupcakes, running circles around the main floor, laughing and playing. It was so cute watching them. The parents/grandparents had fun planning their wedding at the lake when they grow up, joking about an arranged marriage. Here are some shots I caught of these two cuties.

- ♥ K

Monday, March 12, 2012

Family Day Weekend

For Family Day weekend I headed south down the QE2 to visit my dad and sister with Michelle and the kiddos. Andrew was working so it was just us girls to bring the grandkids for a visit with their Nonno.
Friday after work I headed to Beaumont to help Michelle pack up the van for our little road trip. She had everything packed and ready to go for when I arrived so we just threw my bags in and then loaded up the kids and Hendrix. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect travelling with an almost two and a half year old and two nine month olds. It was great! The kids slept the whole way until Airdrie and even then were so quiet and patient, excited to see their Nonno. Dad had a nice big Italian pasta dinner ready for us when we arrived so we quickly fed the twins their bottles and dug right into the gourmet meal.

Saturday we went for a walk around the neighbourhood. Natalie had fun playing on the park down the street. Then we went to the mall for a couple hours of shopping and girl time + Rhodey. Saturday night was rib night (My absolute favourite), and then off to bed nice and early. Sunday we bundled up the kiddos and headed out to the zoo for a day of fun. Natalie had so much fun. I love how she only gets more interested in going places. We took her to the zoo before, but she was the same age as the twins so the visit was more for us grown-ups - nothing wrong with that! It was a fabulous weekend spent with the family. I wish time didn't go so quick all the time so that I could enjoy moments like those for longer.

Happy Monday Everyone :)

- ♥ K

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Obsessing over… 
A purchase I made last weekend, I will post about it this week!!! Eek, so exciting!!

Working on…
My photo wall in my living room. Attempting to make a nice big collage focal point behind my couch. Right now it's plain and blah!
Thinking about…
The week ahead of me. Big list to tackle. 
Being the second photographer for my friend Emily's wedding, which is fast approaching! I am so excited to take it to the next level and learn lots!
Listening to…
Galaxie Rock Alternative on my tv. I always forget there are free music channels, they are great to have on in the background when puttsing around the home.
...I will be eating pork back ribs, roasted potatoes and salad in less than an hour. It's my brothers birthday today and he is headed on over for some b-day supper!
I could make myself go to the gym every single day. I usually go every second or third day, but I used to run every day when I was younger, and I miss that. It's so hard to get back into your routine once you fall out of it. 
Hope your weekends went well.

- ♥ K 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nat's "Ta-Da" Tops

So every time I wear a cardigan over to see the kids, Natalie wants to put it on. Awhile ago she had put one on and I wanted a picture of her so I told her to say "Ta-Da" to get her to smile. Now whenever I go over for a visit in a sweater, one of the first things she says to me is "Can I Ta-Da"? Meaning, aunty can I wear your sweater. It's pretty cute I must say! Here's an example of me walking in the door, not even taking 2 steps when she's already asked for and wearing my "Ta-Da".

- ♥ K 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sleepy Rhodes

Rhodes was on the little Elmo couch drinking his bottle and fell asleep. How cute is that!?

- ♥ K 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Flashback Friday

{Natalie taken exactly one year ago}

I have just arrived in Calgary for a weekend with my baby seester :) We are going to spend the weekend shopping window shopping, drinking lattes, eating junk food and going to see The Vow finally!! I am super excited to see that movie as it looks uber cute! I am also excited as I get to visit with a couple friends that I haven't seen in awhile. Happy Friday everyone! 

- ♥ K