Thursday, March 22, 2012


Loving: My baby sister. A friend of both mine and Amy’s recently told Amy that she was jealous of our sister relationship. I don’t even think about it, but as this friend pointed out – we talk…. ALL THE TIME. When I’m at work we are e-mailing while she’s in class. At lunch we are texting, sometimes chit chatting on the phone. After work there is always a phone call to one another. The rest of the night we are texting back and forth, and some nights we Skype. This may sound crazy, but this is our everyday routine. I don’t know if this is cute, or sad. Ha-Ha, I think we need more friends Amy ;) !!

Thinking about: How crazy life has been recently. Busy. Busy. Non-Stop. Always something on the go. I really need to slow down and breathe.

Anticipating: Mine and Amy’s trip to California, which was a surprise. My aunt and cousin really wanted to go to Disneyland again (we went a few years ago together and had a blast!). So we have booked our trip for May 2-7 and I am getting so pumped. We are going to take a day and head to Huntington Beach for a day, visit Mickey and friends, eat lots of yummy California food, and of course – shop till we drop!!! I am so excited as I have been in need of a holiday. My life is always so hectic and stressful, it’ll be nice to get away for those few days and enjoy the fresh air!

Listening to: CCR on the radio. I do love me some Creedence Clearwater!

Eating: Drinking water since it's bedtime.

Wishing: That spring will come soon. I know it’s technically spring, but as I sit here typing I’m looking out the window to snow falling. I love snow, but spring just makes me so happy! It’s always been one of my most favourite seasons since I can remember

How about you guys? What have you been up to recently?

-         Katie


  1. Jealous I can't go with you.
    Talk to my Brother everyday (kind of weird) but I know what you mean.
    Love to listen to Adele on the freeway that way I end up not having road rage and you reading about me in the news.
    I love ice cream and my body shows it.
    Wishing all our families lived in the same town, I miss my kids.
    I have been working my but off long days but love the look of my store and the colors.
    Waiting to get out on our boat even if its just a sleep over I love sleeping on the water.
    Lovin life as if every day may be the last...Aunty Len

  2. Loving: fact that this semester is almost over, and coffee... Lots and lots of coffee.
    Thinking: about my family. Miss you all!
    Anticipating: California and Vegas!!! Need a vacation and to see my family, ASAP!
    Listiening to: my profs podcast... should probably be paying more attention
    Eating: Nothing - drinking water.
    Wishing: I wasn't working so much lately!!
    Love you.
    - A