Monday, March 12, 2012

Family Day Weekend

For Family Day weekend I headed south down the QE2 to visit my dad and sister with Michelle and the kiddos. Andrew was working so it was just us girls to bring the grandkids for a visit with their Nonno.
Friday after work I headed to Beaumont to help Michelle pack up the van for our little road trip. She had everything packed and ready to go for when I arrived so we just threw my bags in and then loaded up the kids and Hendrix. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect travelling with an almost two and a half year old and two nine month olds. It was great! The kids slept the whole way until Airdrie and even then were so quiet and patient, excited to see their Nonno. Dad had a nice big Italian pasta dinner ready for us when we arrived so we quickly fed the twins their bottles and dug right into the gourmet meal.

Saturday we went for a walk around the neighbourhood. Natalie had fun playing on the park down the street. Then we went to the mall for a couple hours of shopping and girl time + Rhodey. Saturday night was rib night (My absolute favourite), and then off to bed nice and early. Sunday we bundled up the kiddos and headed out to the zoo for a day of fun. Natalie had so much fun. I love how she only gets more interested in going places. We took her to the zoo before, but she was the same age as the twins so the visit was more for us grown-ups - nothing wrong with that! It was a fabulous weekend spent with the family. I wish time didn't go so quick all the time so that I could enjoy moments like those for longer.

Happy Monday Everyone :)

- ♥ K


  1. So cute Katie! I love the one where Bella is smiling at herself in the mirror! I want a copy please :)

  2. I laughed at that picture too Michelle, soo cute!!