Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday: Twins Edition

So here I am, the day after my birthday. My my how time goes by (that kind of rhymes!).  I am one of those 'strange' people that has a plan for just about everything. Well, at least a plan for anything that I have the control over! I do have a 7 year plan - which I guess is now a 6 year plan....It's a list of things I want need to accomplish before I turn 30. I get a lot of laughs about my little plan, but it's what makes me happy - so laugh away people! 

So Friday I told you I was going to help Michelle clean the basement. Well we ended up going to a fundraiser together with all the proceeds towards the Cross Cancer Institute which was being put on by some people I work with. We had a blast mingling with my co-workers and having some drinks. It was even better knowing that you were drinking and raising money for a great cause. Saturday we woke up and did some organizing and cleaning downstairs. I spent the whole day in Beaumont with Michelle and the kiddos. I can't get over how big the twins have gotten already. 10.5 months old already!! They are moving so quick, and they are so curious about everything. They have also started to 'fight' with each other. When one twin has something, be it a toy or a spoon, the other wants it. If one twin is getting a diaper change on the floor, the other will crawl over top of them. It's cute to watch, but I think it's a sign for what is to come as they get older - uh-oh!

Sunday I headed back to Beaumont to join the family for Ahmya's 1st bday party in Leduc. Lots of little buddies for all three of the kids to play with. Then later I watched "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". What a crazy movie - i've heard a lot about it, but haven't gotten around to read the books. I finally got in loop and watched it. So that was my weekend, like always it went far too quickly! 

How did you guys spend your weekends? Leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you! :)

-        Katie


  1. I was hanging out with my other family! Friday I worked until 10:30 then went back to "home" and went to bed...
    Saturday I slept in, was woken up but Amber licking my face, did homework, went and saw Hunger Games with Jen, had dinner with Mike, Jen, Kim, Andy, and Eric, watched Get Him to The Greek and went to bed. Sunday I woke up, did homework, had brunch, took the puppies for a walk with Mike and Jen, did homework, came home, and then picked Dad up from the airport!

  2. Uncle Ern and I had lunch on our boat it was beautiful no clouds in the sky. We also watched the Girl with the G Tatoo she did a great job in acting kind of crazy but good. Took care of nan and nono on Monday all is good. Weekends go by so quickly I agree must mean we had a good one.

  3. It was awesome of you and Michelle to come out to the fundraiser...it was nice to finally have a drink with you!!! By the way Kutie Katie..I LOVE YOUR SITE and ALL YOUR WONDERFUL PICTURES:) xoxoxoxo Rikki