Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts

Oh Thursday how I love thee. Some people aren't your biggest fans, but I am. You are the day before Friday, who everybody loves - but for me you bring hope, hope that there is freedom just around the corner! Today is a grey drab day but i'm ok with it - underneath that dense layer of clouds is the sun. Just like you are the weeks version of the clouds and Friday is the bright sunshine waiting to come out and play.

I am growing restless for my holiday (which is only 6 days away!). I am so ready for a break and some stress-detox time it's not even funny. I know Amy is feeling the same way. She has been hard at work with her school for the past year and is in dire need of some school free time. My poor baby sister has been so stressed out, she's an English major at the University of Calgary, and has a gigantic work load that comes along with it. Don't worry Amy, only 6 more days and we get our break from reality!!!!

Exciting news, tomorrow Natalie is coming for a slumber party at aunty's house!! I want to bring her to Calgary for a weekend one time soon so we are doing a trial run to see how she handles being away from home without her mama or papa. Worst case scenario - i'm only 20 minutes from Beaumont and we just head home. When the twins were born I stayed with her and we didn't have any problems, so I am hoping for the best. I have lots planned for our evening together. She has even requested that we have ice cream for dinner - don't worry mama we won't (that's for dessert). 

Well enough of my ramblings I am ready to get back to reading "The Hunger Games" - a little behind the times, but I finally got around to doing it and can ]not put it down!! It truly is a marvellous read. Good Night to you and happy Thursday :)

{P.S. I know these are a little out of focus but I love them. I took them with my self timer. I don't have too many shots of me and the little guys together}

-         Katie xoxo

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sunbathing Hendrix

Ooh look at this little guy & this light (*swoon*!!). He is such a good pup and just loves to soak up the rays in his spot on the couch.

-         Katie xoxo

Monday, April 23, 2012

Red Stripes & Blue Polka Dots

Just a quick note before I crawl into my bed which is calling my name. I spent the evening in Beaumont tonight with the kiddos. Michelle and I went for a nice long walk with Hendrix and the munchkins in the stroller. It was such a gorgeous day today, sun was shining and it was so warm so it was perfect walking weather! Mmm I just love it! We are hoping to make this a regular occurrence once the weather decides to stay in the same range - the forecast shows snow and a high of 3 degrees on Friday - gotta love Alberta! Had a lovely walk and then spent some more time with Natalie in the front yard blowing bubbles. Too fun! Hope your weeks are off to a good start :) Good Night!

-         Katie xoxo

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!

Another weekend is here for us to enjoy and de-stress from our crazy week lives. I went to visit the kiddos last night as per usual, and enjoyed some outside time with Nat. It was a really nice evening – plus 14 and sunny, so we went out to the backyard and made good use of her swing/slide set. Mama Michelle made us pita pizza which was delicious, Grampy came and took Natalie for a bicycle ride, and then Michelle and I bathed the twinlets. It was a nice night spent with awesome company.

So this weekend I was supposed to help Emily paint some more but we had to cancel - so I have made up my mind to do some spring cleaning! It’s time for me to suck it up and finally get rid of my clothes that are being stored in my spare bedroom closet. I know Amy will appreciate this one if she comes to stay with me for the summer months. Last year that poor girl only got ¼ of the closet for her stuff as I have my overflow in that closet (Sorry Amy!!). I’m also hoping to maybe get in some thrifting time as well as lots of study time at the library!

I’m looking forward to this weekend because the weather is finally making a turn for the better. Forecasts of up to 18 degrees on Sunday!! I am getting so excited for camping, campfire, open windows and patio season. My favourite!

P.S, in case you’re wondering, only 12 more days until I leave for Disneyland!! JJJ

Enjoy your evenings,

Katie xoxo

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I feel this photograph is appropriate for how I feel at the moment. I am so tired my eyes are barely staying open right now! I just had to take this pic of Nat from Saturday morning with all her teddy's surrounding her and her blankets hanging off the bed. What a goof! Good Night to you all I am shutting these eyes prepared to stare at the back of my eyelids for a solid 8 hours! 

Talk Soon,
-         Katie xoxo

Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday's Musings

{Hawaii Trip - I am lusting for the beach so I have been reminiscing through these old photos} 

And a good Monday morning to you fine folks! How was everyone’s weekends? I am sorry for not posting more often recently, being sick last week drained all of my energy. I just uploaded my camera last night and I have a few weeks of new pictures to share with you! Friday night I went over to Andrew & Michelle’s as I had the honour of babysitting. We hung out, ate some pizza, sang, played, goofed around, Natalie got to have a bath (she loves bath time) and then I put all 3 kiddos down to sleep. Nat got to stay up a little bit later with aunty to watch Beauty & the Beast.

Saturday morning I headed out into the country to Emily’s house for our painting adventure. And let me tell you – was it ever an experience!! We started around 1:00pm with taking down wallpaper, taping and priming and then painted two different colours. Well we finally painted our last stroke on the wall at midnight! It took us all day!! But we had a blast doing it, she even made homemade pizza for us to have for supper (at 9:00pm). Anyways, the room looks fabulous so we are pleased with our results especially for being first time painters. Side Note - Emily just came to me and asked what I am up to this coming weekend as she wants to paint her mudroom and bathroom. Uh Oh!! haha

Sunday I spent my day in Beaumont visiting again with the kids and my brother. Dad was in town for the weekend so he came over with some “Nonno Pasta” as Natalie says. We had a nice family dinner and then I took Natalie to the pool for the first time. She usually goes with her papa but he was exhausted from his drive home from Fort Mac, so I volunteered. I haven’t been to a swimming pool in years. Natalie is definitely a water baby! We spent more than an hour in the pool and were both shriveled up when I finally convinced her we had to go home. I enjoyed myself and will for sure be taking her more often!

Also, only 16 more days until I leave for Disneyland! I went to the bank and got my American money and the park hopper passes for Disneyland and California Adventure Park came in the mail last week. I just need to make my list of things I need to pack (yes I do that). I found out one of my good buddies will be there at the same time with her daughter. So hopefully we can meet up for a day as our trips overlap. I am getting very excited JJ !!

Until Next Time,
-         Katie xoxo

Friday, April 13, 2012

Flashback Friday

I feel like these little babes were this itty bitty just a few weeks ago. In one month and two days they will be turning one! Look how tiny they both were, and now they are both growing so quickly. Even Nat in these pictures is so little, and now she's a sassy young tot. Why must times like these go by so quickly?

Happy Friday Everyone! I am going to spend the evening with these three delightful young ones and possibly stay for a sleep over. Tomorrow I am headed to my friend Emily's house to attempt to paint her bedroom with her. We are both virgin room painters so it should definitely be an interesting experience. Sunday I am leaving open for homework. What's everyone elses plans for the weekend? Staying inside keeping dry and warm? Gotta love Alberta weather - plus 15 and sunny one day, pouring rain and plus 2 the next with a forecast of snow overnight. Anyways, hope you all have a lovely day and an even better weekend!

Until Next Time,

-        Katie

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Flashback Friday - A Couple Days Late

Hey guys, I meant to post this on Friday but I have been sick since Thursday night. Stuck in bed with the aches, the chills and a horrible cough that feels like my lungs are bleeding. It's been a pretty rough few days! I am finally feeling a bit better this morning, thank goodness! I am down in Calgary for Easter weekend to spend with my family, so it's sucks how I have been stuck in bed the majority of the time.

We had a nice big dinner last night with ham, mashed potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, cabbage rolls and all the fixens. I'd tell you how delicious it was, but I would be lying. I can't taste anything due to this sickness. I heard everyone else say how amazing it was though! ha-ha. At least I am on the mend now. Friday I did force myself out of bed to go spend the day on the slopes at Lake Louise. Probably wasn't the best thing for my lungs but I wanted to get in at least one more ski trip before the season was over. I'm glad I went as the weather was gorgeous and the snow conditions were great.

So today is Sunday and I have to head back home :( Weekends go by way too quick, especially when you are sick. I hope you all had a nice Easter holiday weekend with your loved ones. How did you spend your weekend, and what did you get to eat? Please explain in detail as my taste buds were on vacation I would love to live vicariously through you!

Until Next Time,
-        Katie

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Toddler Tuesday: Bathtime Fun

Happy Tuesday to you! I just love these shots taken of Natalie before she became a big sister. Andrew, Michelle, Natalie and I had gone south on the highway to visit Amy and Dad last Feb. She needed a bath, so why not take advantage of Nonno's giant jacuzzi tub?! This was her first time with bubbles and she had a blast playing with them. What a cutie! Hope everyones weeks have started off on a good note.

Until Next Time,

-        Katie

Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday's Musings

I am one of those people that believes in physical copies. Whether it be a powerpoint presentation at school, an important document or even pictures. I know what you're saying, it's 2012 everything is electronic. BUT I can't help it, I love to be able to hold something and read it/look at it. In school I would sit through the instructors lectures and listen to them as they went through their powerpoints. Later on I would go home and write it out. This is how I learn, I listen and then I write it down in my own handwriting (doesn't work if I type it out) and then I study my hand written notes. It's worked for me through my years of school and I think that I will always learn this way. If you send me a document online and tell me I need to know it, I will print it out - highlight the crap out of it, and then jot it down in my own writing. I'm a weird-o I guess!

I was talking with my one of my buds the other day about how I hadn't printed any pictures in awhile. No one does this anymore. I love going through my "Katie Bin" full of pics from my childhood. I can spend hour upon hour going through old family photos. I know everything is digital nowadays and easily transferred via e-mail and online. It's just not the same as holding that 4x6 matte finished print in your hands. Plus, what if one day something tragic happened and your computer crashed?(**Knock on wood this never happens). What then!?  So I decided to go through a bunch of pics from the last little while and send them to our friendly neighbourhood Costco. I picked them up yesterday and am so happy I did it. They were even having a sale, so I ordered my 300 prints for half the price I would normally have to pay! Score! I finally got around to printing some shots of mine and Amy's trip to Hawaii (2 shown above) when she graduated....only 3 years later - no big deal! That just shows how long it's actually been since I ordered prints. I've printed some of the kiddos, but not those random nights out with the girls, summer camping trips, adventures at the park, holidays with my sister etc.

So this is my note to you folks to go out and print those memories every now and again so that you can look back on those moments and cherish them. So your kids and grandkids can dig through their bins and laugh at the geeky matchy Osh Kosh clothes their parents put them in ;).

Until Next Time,

-        Katie