Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!

Another weekend is here for us to enjoy and de-stress from our crazy week lives. I went to visit the kiddos last night as per usual, and enjoyed some outside time with Nat. It was a really nice evening – plus 14 and sunny, so we went out to the backyard and made good use of her swing/slide set. Mama Michelle made us pita pizza which was delicious, Grampy came and took Natalie for a bicycle ride, and then Michelle and I bathed the twinlets. It was a nice night spent with awesome company.

So this weekend I was supposed to help Emily paint some more but we had to cancel - so I have made up my mind to do some spring cleaning! It’s time for me to suck it up and finally get rid of my clothes that are being stored in my spare bedroom closet. I know Amy will appreciate this one if she comes to stay with me for the summer months. Last year that poor girl only got ¼ of the closet for her stuff as I have my overflow in that closet (Sorry Amy!!). I’m also hoping to maybe get in some thrifting time as well as lots of study time at the library!

I’m looking forward to this weekend because the weather is finally making a turn for the better. Forecasts of up to 18 degrees on Sunday!! I am getting so excited for camping, campfire, open windows and patio season. My favourite!

P.S, in case you’re wondering, only 12 more days until I leave for Disneyland!! JJJ

Enjoy your evenings,

Katie xoxo

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