Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday's Musings

I am one of those people that believes in physical copies. Whether it be a powerpoint presentation at school, an important document or even pictures. I know what you're saying, it's 2012 everything is electronic. BUT I can't help it, I love to be able to hold something and read it/look at it. In school I would sit through the instructors lectures and listen to them as they went through their powerpoints. Later on I would go home and write it out. This is how I learn, I listen and then I write it down in my own handwriting (doesn't work if I type it out) and then I study my hand written notes. It's worked for me through my years of school and I think that I will always learn this way. If you send me a document online and tell me I need to know it, I will print it out - highlight the crap out of it, and then jot it down in my own writing. I'm a weird-o I guess!

I was talking with my one of my buds the other day about how I hadn't printed any pictures in awhile. No one does this anymore. I love going through my "Katie Bin" full of pics from my childhood. I can spend hour upon hour going through old family photos. I know everything is digital nowadays and easily transferred via e-mail and online. It's just not the same as holding that 4x6 matte finished print in your hands. Plus, what if one day something tragic happened and your computer crashed?(**Knock on wood this never happens). What then!?  So I decided to go through a bunch of pics from the last little while and send them to our friendly neighbourhood Costco. I picked them up yesterday and am so happy I did it. They were even having a sale, so I ordered my 300 prints for half the price I would normally have to pay! Score! I finally got around to printing some shots of mine and Amy's trip to Hawaii (2 shown above) when she graduated....only 3 years later - no big deal! That just shows how long it's actually been since I ordered prints. I've printed some of the kiddos, but not those random nights out with the girls, summer camping trips, adventures at the park, holidays with my sister etc.

So this is my note to you folks to go out and print those memories every now and again so that you can look back on those moments and cherish them. So your kids and grandkids can dig through their bins and laugh at the geeky matchy Osh Kosh clothes their parents put them in ;).

Until Next Time,

-        Katie

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