Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday's Musings

{Hawaii Trip - I am lusting for the beach so I have been reminiscing through these old photos} 

And a good Monday morning to you fine folks! How was everyone’s weekends? I am sorry for not posting more often recently, being sick last week drained all of my energy. I just uploaded my camera last night and I have a few weeks of new pictures to share with you! Friday night I went over to Andrew & Michelle’s as I had the honour of babysitting. We hung out, ate some pizza, sang, played, goofed around, Natalie got to have a bath (she loves bath time) and then I put all 3 kiddos down to sleep. Nat got to stay up a little bit later with aunty to watch Beauty & the Beast.

Saturday morning I headed out into the country to Emily’s house for our painting adventure. And let me tell you – was it ever an experience!! We started around 1:00pm with taking down wallpaper, taping and priming and then painted two different colours. Well we finally painted our last stroke on the wall at midnight! It took us all day!! But we had a blast doing it, she even made homemade pizza for us to have for supper (at 9:00pm). Anyways, the room looks fabulous so we are pleased with our results especially for being first time painters. Side Note - Emily just came to me and asked what I am up to this coming weekend as she wants to paint her mudroom and bathroom. Uh Oh!! haha

Sunday I spent my day in Beaumont visiting again with the kids and my brother. Dad was in town for the weekend so he came over with some “Nonno Pasta” as Natalie says. We had a nice family dinner and then I took Natalie to the pool for the first time. She usually goes with her papa but he was exhausted from his drive home from Fort Mac, so I volunteered. I haven’t been to a swimming pool in years. Natalie is definitely a water baby! We spent more than an hour in the pool and were both shriveled up when I finally convinced her we had to go home. I enjoyed myself and will for sure be taking her more often!

Also, only 16 more days until I leave for Disneyland! I went to the bank and got my American money and the park hopper passes for Disneyland and California Adventure Park came in the mail last week. I just need to make my list of things I need to pack (yes I do that). I found out one of my good buddies will be there at the same time with her daughter. So hopefully we can meet up for a day as our trips overlap. I am getting very excited JJ !!

Until Next Time,
-         Katie xoxo

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  1. "... Dad was in town for the weekend so he came over with some “Nonno Pasta” as Natalie says. We had a nice family dinner"

    I TAKE OFFENSE TO THAT!!! :( :( :(
    Nice family dinner... without me... again. Two and a half months and counting :(