Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts

Oh Thursday how I love thee. Some people aren't your biggest fans, but I am. You are the day before Friday, who everybody loves - but for me you bring hope, hope that there is freedom just around the corner! Today is a grey drab day but i'm ok with it - underneath that dense layer of clouds is the sun. Just like you are the weeks version of the clouds and Friday is the bright sunshine waiting to come out and play.

I am growing restless for my holiday (which is only 6 days away!). I am so ready for a break and some stress-detox time it's not even funny. I know Amy is feeling the same way. She has been hard at work with her school for the past year and is in dire need of some school free time. My poor baby sister has been so stressed out, she's an English major at the University of Calgary, and has a gigantic work load that comes along with it. Don't worry Amy, only 6 more days and we get our break from reality!!!!

Exciting news, tomorrow Natalie is coming for a slumber party at aunty's house!! I want to bring her to Calgary for a weekend one time soon so we are doing a trial run to see how she handles being away from home without her mama or papa. Worst case scenario - i'm only 20 minutes from Beaumont and we just head home. When the twins were born I stayed with her and we didn't have any problems, so I am hoping for the best. I have lots planned for our evening together. She has even requested that we have ice cream for dinner - don't worry mama we won't (that's for dessert). 

Well enough of my ramblings I am ready to get back to reading "The Hunger Games" - a little behind the times, but I finally got around to doing it and can ]not put it down!! It truly is a marvellous read. Good Night to you and happy Thursday :)

{P.S. I know these are a little out of focus but I love them. I took them with my self timer. I don't have too many shots of me and the little guys together}

-         Katie xoxo

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  1. AMEN SISTA! Cali can't come sooner!