Monday, May 28, 2012

Birthday Cake

For the twins actual birthday Michelle invited me over to enjoy some dinner and cake with the family. This was the first time the kiddos ate ice cream cake – and did they ever enjoy it! Bella was too cute picking at the cake like a little lady with one hand. Rhodes was the complete opposite, both hands dug right into the cake double fisting the whole time. He even picked up his plate and licked all the melted ice cream off. After he finished his he tried to get to Bella’s plate. Goofballs!

On a side note – I leave for Vegas in T Minus 1.5 days!! Whoo-hoo :) I cannot wait, only one more day of work and I am on vacation time. So I hope you all enjoy yourselves while I’m away and I’ll be sure to get some pics up as soon as I have a free moment when I’m back home.

-         ♥ Katie xoxo

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