Friday, May 25, 2012


Thank Goodness it's Friday!

This weekend looks to be a good one for myself. Tonight I am grabbing Natalie after work and she is coming over to my place for another sleepover! I am super excited as we always have a good time together, plus it's a nice break for Michelle, which I am more than happy to give her. If she's a good girl we will more than likely head to the swimming pool for some water fun. Tomorrow is girls night at my place which I am so looking forward to. I love to entertain and I love my girlfriends so it's a perfect combo! We shall see what sort of trouble us girlies get ourselves into ;) Sunday I am heading to the library the minute it opens and not allowing myself to leave until they kick me out for closing. I really need to crack down hard to get my online class done, and to my standards!

What's everyone up to for this weekend? The weather seems to have finally taken a turn for the better - should be a good one!

-         Katie xoxo

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