Sunday, June 10, 2012

Remember To Turn It Around

People who know me know that I constantly have a camera glued to my hand at all times of the day. I love capturing moments in my life and I hate the times that I don't have my camera with me and I miss something awesome. I have been nicknamed the "Stalker-Azzi" and people joke about how I always have the camera stuck to my face. It's something I truly LOVE to do. I am passionate about it. I love seeing the expressions on someones face when I show them how beautiful their children are playing or how photogenic they are when they thought themselves the opposite. I look through my hundreds of albums on my computer full of memories and it makes me smile. I can look back and see just how much the munchkins have grown in such a short amount of time. But I will never forget those times because I have documented it with my partner in crime.

When I look through my pictures I noticed that I have thousands of the kidlets, hundreds of my family and probably only a handful of myself. I know that I was there, behind the lens, but I don't have many pictures of me holding my nieces and nephew, or hanging out with close friends. I need to make an effort to Turn the Camera Around. I am not photogenic. I may love being behind the camera, but I am awkward in front of the camera. Out of however many pictures of myself, there are only a few in which I consider myself as looking OK. But I have to remember that "We are our biggest critic". It doesn't matter if I have giant bags under my eyes or if i'm having a bad hair day. I want to be able to look back and see how I was at this point in my life. I want for my children to be able to look through boxes of me when I was younger and ask me where I was and who those people are that I was with. Because I know that I love doing the same thing with my parents photographs. I can spend hours going through old photo albums, getting caught up in it all.

So from this point on I will make a special effort every once in a while and gets some pics of myself. Whether it be a self timer, my sister, a friend or a passerby at the park - I will Turn it Around.

- ♥ Katie xoxo

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  1. I can't believe how smiley Bella is now. She has changed so much since I have even seen her!