Thursday, June 7, 2012

Viva Las Vegas

So here I am, back at home already with my vacations in the rear view mirror. It may have been a vacation but am I ever exhausted! I guess it's to be expected as it was a Vegas trip not a nice relaxing spa visit to a mountain resort. Oh goodness, I don't even know where to start so I’ll say this: I had a blast!

My friend Michelle (not my sister-in-law) and I headed down to Calgary Tuesday night to surprise my sister for her birthday (we weren't supposed to come until Wednesday morning). Amy had school in the morning so Michelle and I hung around my dad's place to kill some time before Amy got home. Then we headed out to pick up my other friend Stephanie on our way to the airport.

I am a nervous traveler. Not just because of the flying, but the whole process of travel makes me anxious. I have a tendency to always fear/think the worst in situations - so what's going on in my head when I’m about to go on a trip includes: What if our confirmation got cancelled, what if we miss our connecting flights, what if we lose bags, what if the hotel double booked us, etc. I know - I’m a bit of a nut case, but it's how I am - learn to love me!! Of course everything went smoothly including flights being on time (early even), reservations being good, we even got our room upgraded for free!

We landed in Las Vegas at 7:45pm, hopped into a shuttle and headed for Caesars Palace. When I first saw the strip on the runway of the airport I was surprised by how little it seemed. Boy was I ever wrong, once we turned onto the strip and I saw all the hotels and casinos in all of its glory I was blown away! We checked in, went up to our room and decided to go out and check out some places for the night. We had went to a few places and ended up at Planet Hollywood where we enjoyed some drinks and dancing.

Thursday morning we went to the pool, which I will say was my favourite part of the trip. The pool at Caesars is absolutely amazing. We ended up staying there for a better portion of the day, went up to our room to shower and get ready and spent the night out at different hotels.

Friday we decided to use as our shopping day so we went down to Fashion Show Mall and spent quite a few hours in the shops. That night we made a group decision to go see the Chippendales show. We had a hoot, the energy in that room full of women and bachelorette parties was unreal. It was hilarious and definitely worth the money. After the show we cruised down the strip stopping in at different bars and hotels.

Saturday we had bought tickets for “O” by Cirque de Solei so we hung out by the pool until we had to get ready. We went to Senor Frogs at Treasure Island for dinner which was awesome, that place has a great atmosphere and so many funny signs on their walls and ceiling. Then we wandered over to the Bellagio and my oh my what an amazing show! I am so happy we decided to go see that one, I was sitting in my seat saying “wow” over and over. Amazing show. Afterwards we stayed at the Bellagio to watch the water show, then wandered down to the Mirage and watched the Volcano show, then lastly we ended up at Treasure Island for the Pirate show. We had a night full of shows as it was our last night there, so we wanted to make sure we got them all in.

Sunday came way too fast, and we wanted to make the best of our last day in Vegas. We woke up early, packed our bags up went down and checked out of the hotel L and walked across the street to Margaritaville, where Amy bought a massive cup full of Raspberry Margarita. We then caught a cab to the Stratosphere where Steph and Amy rode one of the rides at the top of the tower. I didn’t go up as I’m not the best with heights and Michelle had already been up there on a previous trip so she waited at the bottom with me. Amy said it was pretty cool being up there able to see the whole strip – not to mention the ride she went on hung over the side of the tower – Yikes!! You couldn’t pay me enough to go and get on a ride that high in the air, no thank you! When they came back down we caught another cab to the North Outlets and did some power shopping. We all bought a few new things – including a special request of Converse shoes for my Sister-in-Law and Natalie. After we finished shopping we went back to the Venetian to try and do the Gondola ride, but they were booking for later in the day so we wouldn’t have had enough time to go. So we went to the Forum Shops at Caesars instead to hit up Victoria’s Secret. Amy and Michelle ended up with a couple new bathing suits and then before we knew it we were walking back to pick up our bags and catch a cab to the airport.

Overall it was a great trip and I will definitely go back in the near future (+40 weather all week!). So any of you wanting to celebrate a birthday or a bachelorette party – I’m totally in! Now I am home and the holidays are over, at least I have pictures to remind me of the fun we had!

- ♥ Katie xoxo

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  1. Glad you had a great time! You'll go again and again and again and it'll be a different experience every time. You're right though, Vegas is NOT a vacation it's go go go! That's why we only do 3 nights, 2 shows when we go!