Friday, July 27, 2012

I ♥ My Siblings

I got to hang out with both of my siblings last night as my brothers band, Enemy Surplus, was playing at the Pawn Shop on Whyte Ave. I had a blast and love when I get to spend time with them. Those moments are rare when the three of us are together at the same time so I cherise each and every second of them!

-   ♥ Katie xoxo


  1. such a handsome family! I love you all so much....see you all at the lake..aunty lili

  2. Aww thanks Aunty Lili. So excited for the long weekend! I will see you soon!! :) <3

  3. What a great photo Yes it's true life gets busy and it is hard to get everyone in one spot! You are truly lucky! Aunty Len