Saturday, July 14, 2012

July Long Weekend at EBL

July Long weekend Amy and I drove out to the cabin after work on the Friday. Our family were already there by the time we made it - we got stopped outside of Mount Robson for 2 hours due to a mudslide washing out the highway. That wasn't fun, so we made the best of it and passed the time by taking funny pictures and cleaning the car. By the time we finally made it to the cabin everyone was over at our neighbours place sitting around the fire so we grabbed a drink and joined them. 

Saturday we hung out, moved a few wood piles behind the new garage, mowed the lawn and just enjoyed the day. The weather wasn't the greatest with overcast skies and rain, but we made the best of it regardless. I always say that its better to have a rainy day at the cabin then be at work. Saturday we also had our first ever "Beer-Lympics" - well the boys did anyways! My cousin Anthony, Uncle Ray and our friends Michael and Kyle came up with Beer-Lympics. As i'm sure you can take from the name this event included activities and chugging beer. They started out with a good ole' game of (nocking off cans from the oppositions pole with a frisbee), moved onto the paddle board relay around the floating island, chug a beer halfway and paddle back, and then ended the outdoor portion of the event with a swim to the floating island, chug a beer and swim back. The swimming doesn't sound too hard, but the water was actually pretty cold. Later they moved inside and had a game of Foosball, Pool, a dance off competition and a tie breaker game of Crib. I have Beersbie to say that it was very entertaining watching these grown men do this. It was lots of fun and I think we will be continuing on the Beer-Lympics for future summers.

Sunday morning was beautiful so we took what little sun we could and sat out on the dock soaking it up. That night we hopped on our boat and a few of our neighbours went on theirs and we all met in the middle of the lake and tied onto each other. At one point there were 6 boats tied together for some fun on the water. A cabin down the lake had fireworks to celebrate Canada Day so we stayed out on the water to enjoy them. It was pretty neat to watch especially because of the reflection on the water of the fireworks. 

Before I knew it Amy and I were saying our goodbyes and back on the highway towards home. The weekend was a blast full of lots of eating, drinking and bonding. I love spending time with my relatives, especially since I only get to see them a handful of times a year. I wish we were closer, but I  think that it makes the moments we are together a lot more special. 

Two weeks today I am west-bound once again but this time with Michelle and the kiddos for a whole week at the lake. Andrew is flying down on Tuesday as he has to work, as well as Amy who will be joining us on Thursday. I am so excited and am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for a weeks worth of nice weather. Can't wait!

Happy Saturday :)

- ♥ Katie xoxo

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