Saturday, August 18, 2012

Golf Tourney Bound

I am currently laying in bed going over what I need to pack for tomorrow as I am headed to Rocky Mountain House with the three lovely ladies pictured above. We are going to our company's golf tournament, and I'm pretty excited to get going. It will definitely be an interesting experience as not one of us is an experienced golfer. I know that Amy and I have been to the driving range a handful of times, but even that isn't good enough. We are allowed to dress up, so naturally we went all out. I will definitely have to post some pictures as we look amazing, obviously! It's also supposed to be a scorcher of a weekend so that should make this an even more interesting experience, especially in our costumes! 

Now I am off to bed as it is an early morning for us. Hope you all have wonderful weekends! :)

-   ♥ Katie xoxo

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