Sunday, August 19, 2012

Holidays at EBL {Part 1}

I’m finally getting around to posting about my holiday out at the lake. It's been a hectic past few weeks, so I apologize for the lateness in this post! Because I took so many pictures I will be doing a few posts about the trip.

So as I mentioned earlier, I was lucky enough to take a week off of work to spend with my family out at East Barriere lake July 28 - August 6. Saturday at the crack of dawn (literally) Michelle and I packed all three of the kids up and headed west on the highway. The two of us drove together as Andrew was working, he flew out on Tuesday night and spent the remainder of the week with us. The drive went well considering there were three tired munchkins in the van, we made it 5 hours into Blue River before we stopped for some early lunch. Thank goodness for in-vehicle DVD players I tell ya! We made it to Barriere, stopped for groceries and then packed up the kids for the remaining 20 min drive out to the cabin. Just as we left the town we saw a couple of vehicles pulled over looking at something in the trees - turns out there were 3 baby black bear cubs up in the trees. Pretty amazing to see that, and I was lucky enough to snap a few pictures. We didn't want to stay too long as I'm sure mama bear wasn't too far behind. 

Saturday and Sunday were pretty quiet days with just myself, Michelle, my dad and the kids. Monday my grandparents made it out along with my Uncle Ernie. The rest of the family slowly trickled in all week and we ended up having quite the cabin full for the remainder of the week. The more the merrier, right! 

The weather all week was fabulous and only got hotter as the week went on. We had one day of overcast skies - but I still got burnt even with the cloud coverage. Just one of the many joys of being so white! We took advantage of the weather and stayed outside for the majority of our days. Went for walks with the neighbours, to the drop off rope swing, many boat rides, wakeboards, tube rides, paddle boarding, swimming, floating, snorkelling, the list goes on. We kept busy with the kids as all three of them are walking now and are busy, busy, busy! Since the twins like to put everything and anything in their mouths we inflated a floaty and filled that with water which we set up on the grass in the shade. We tried to have them down by the water but they kept eating all of the rocks - so plan B it was! Natalie is such a water rat - she was constantly asking to go down to the water. She also loved to grab a handful of rocks and then head onto the dock and throw them off the end for Hendrix to swim for. I'm pretty sure we walked up and down the dock 100 + times so she could throw rocks in for puppy, such a goof! The kids time was spent blowing bubbles and popping them, swimming, playing catch, filling up sand buckets, colouring (mostly on paper but a little bit on the table!) and exploring everywhere. They all seemed pretty content at the lake and we only had a few minor meltdowns, nothing a snack and a nice afternoon nap couldn't take care of!

Overall, it was a great holiday spent at one of my absolute favourite places on earth, and i'm sad to say that holidays are officially over :( But that's what we have pictures for, to look back and remember all the good times. I hope you enjoy round one of photos, more to come this week. Happy Sunday All!

-   ♥ Katie xoxo

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