Sunday, September 16, 2012

Currently - Sept 16th

Anticipating: My move Sept 30th. Moving is a pain in the butt - but it is a good thing so I keep reminding myself of this.

Listening to: The hum of the appliances in my dad's kitchen as I am in Calgary at the moment. Sometimes silence is needed!

Loving: The turning of all the leaves around the city. I absolutely LOVE fall and how beautiful it is. It is upon us!

Planning: Out my next couple of months I have ahead of me. My friends always laugh when they ask me to go out for coffee and I have to schedule them in at least two weeks in advance. I lead a busy lifestyle, always something on the go!

Reading: I started the Vampire Chronicles when I flew to Langley but I haven't picked it up since my trip - once again that is a time thing. There just isn't enough of it!

Watching: Wakebrothers on MTV. That show is hilarious!!

Wishing: My cough from a week ago would finally go away. I came down with something last week and it has left me with a rather annoying cough that I can't seem to rid myself of!

Working on: Editing, Packing, Planning - It's going to be a really busy next couple of weeks with my move coming ever so closer everyday!

And with that I am headed out to visit my friend Liz for a nice big ol' cup of tea down in Kensington. Happy Sunday!

-  ♥ Katie xoxo

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