Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy 1st Year Anniversary to Me

It’s my 1 year Blog-anniversary! That’s one small step for man and one giant pat on the back to Katie for sticking with this for a whole entire year. I love how I have a space of my own to share the little tid-bits of my crazy busy life. From my day-to-day routine stuff to pictures of the munchkins. It’s awesome being able to share this space with my family, friends, and whoever else pops in for a visit. When I first decided to blog I thought I would do a post every so often for the benefit of my family members who aren’t close to home, to be able to see the kids. Now, this little corner of the inter-webs has become an online journal for me where I post whatever I’m feeling. I hope that I use this to my advantage and keep with it. I do enjoy blogging and don’t find that I feel obligated to post at all which is nice, because as soon as this becomes a “chore” for me I think I will stop. Anyways, I just want to thank all of you that do stop by every so often to check up on me. It makes me feel good inside that someone’s listening! So I hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday and I look forward to spending the next year with you fine folk.

-   Katie xoxo


  1. Congratulations sister!! Proud of you <3

  2. Congrats on your blogiversary! I'll be celebrating 3...soon!