Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sturgeon Virgin No Longer

{I just had to use that as my title - it's just too good not to do it!} 

So this past weekend my sister and I flew out to Langley, BC to spend the Sept. long weekend with our relatives. I will get around to sharing more of the weekend soon (somewhere in between this hectic life of mine) but I did want to share my first Sturgeon Fishing experience. My dad, uncles, cousin and brother have been going Sturgeon Fishing together for as long as I can remember. For those of you who don't know, sturgeon are a distant relative of the dinosaur age. Some of these fish are hundreds of years old and are massive. The biggest one that one of my uncle's friends caught was over 12 feet long! Craziness, I know!! They are a protected species that you are only allowed to catch and release, but they sure are fun to reel in! 

Sunday my uncle Ray took my sister Amy, cousins Lauren and Anthony, my aunty Jo and myself out on his boat onto the Fraser River for some sturgeon action. We brought along coolers full of food, had the tunes playing, the sun came out in full force and of course...the fish weren't biting. My uncle was determined to catch at least one before we went home, this just doesn't happen to him. I kept razzing him because I always hear stories about the multiple massive fish they constantly catch. I said that the number of beer you drink doesn't count as fish caught! haha Anyways, we've been out on the water for about 4 hours now and just had bites here and there with no real action when finally my uncle jumps up so quick and yells at me to come over. He say's it's all mine and to grab onto the rod. I was expecting some intense action, but until you actually hold onto a rod and try and reel in a sturgeon, you just don't know what to expect. I was in the zone, just me and the fish. Lift the tip of the rod up, reel toward the water, over and over until I saw my beauty finally surface. I did it, all by myself! My Sturgeon virginity out the window - after all these years of family member's stories, I finally had my own to share with everyone. It turned out it was a 4-Footer, which isn't massive, but it's not too bad of a way to start my fishing career ;) 

Now, I'm hooked! (get it, hooked!? haha) My uncle told me that he wants to have me out again to go with them before the season is over, so I'm really hoping to make that happen. My brother and dad usually make a trip out in the fall at some point, so I'm hoping to be able to crash guys weekend. I need more of that Sturgeon action!! My lovely sister Amy grabbed my camera and got a few action shots for me (thanks baby girl!) I'm so happy to have these documented. Thanks again Uncle Ray for taking us out, I'll never forget it! Now wipe that jealousy drool off your faces and check out my first Sturgeon. 

{Note the rod bent in half - it amazes me how much weight those things can handle!}

{Out on the West Coast we Kiss a Sturgeon, as opposed to a Cod out on the East Coast ha-ha!}

-  ♥ Katie xoxo

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