Friday, March 29, 2013

Flashback Friday: Flower Blossoms

I love my baby sister so much, isn't she just the cutest!? We took these pics a couple of years ago right across from my dad's house in Calgary. Spring time is so pretty!! Happy Friday to you all, I am currently in Langley, BC visiting all of my family - will post more about it once I get home!

-   Katie xoxo

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Breakfast Snapshots

Here are a couple snapshots of the twins in their jammies, hanging out with their aunties while we made breakfast a few weekends ago. 

-   Katie xoxo

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Today. I Am Old.

Today is a hard day for me.

Today I turned 25 years old.

I do not like the number 25.

25 is ½ of 50.

50 Is Old.


I am trying to be positive about this. Things could be worse. I live a pretty good life and I am grateful for this. I’m not even sure what’s going on in this head of mine, or why this birthday is a hard one for me. I think it’s just because I don’t like the realization that time moves quickly and life passes us by far too fast. I know, I know stop complaining about how quickly time goes – we hear about it every week from you. Sorry guys, BUT IT’S THE COLD HARD TRUTH!!!! On a positive note, I am going to The Melting Pot for my birthday dinner with a few of my favourite people, and you better believe I will be stuffing my face full of fondu.

It’s times like this that we need to cherish everyone and everything we have in our lives….and so, to sum this up; a very heartfelt thank you is due for all of you who have been there for me. I love you all.

Now please wind back the clock to when I was 8 years old wishing to grow up and be a Barbie! ;)

-   Katie xoxo

Thursday, March 21, 2013

An Afternoon Stroll

Two Saturday's ago I had the pleasure of going out to enjoy a nice afternoon stroll with my sister & sister-in-law. The sun was hot and the company was awesome. I brought my point & shoot along with us and caught a few snaps during our walk around the ring road. Thanks for the good company ladies!

-   Katie xoxo

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Through the Window

Every time I come to or leave my SIL's house the kids are always in the window watching and waiting. Since they live on a busy street there's always something to look at. This is Drixie's main hangout - his spot is on the front couch, blinds open, always watching! The munchkins love it when you draw on the windows for them and I'm sure I could spend an hour fogging the window up and drawing shapes and they would still be entertained. Here are some shots I caught a couple weeks ago with two of the goobers at the window (Bella was busy watching Elmo).

-   Katie xoxo

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Happy St Paddy's Day to you all! I hope everyone is wearing at least a little green or prepare to be pinched!  I am currently sitting on my bed paroozing the interwebs trying to get the courage to go outside. It's been snowing non-stop for the past few days and the amount of snow that has fallen is ridiculous. Can't complain too much as I am very well aware of the fact I live in Alberta and this is to be expected.

Today I am headed out to Beaumont to see the kiddos and then head to a movie with my SIL Michelle. We are going to see Oz: The Great and Powerful, which looks so good and I've heard only good things about, so I'm excited for our sister date. This weekend has been a pretty laid back one for me. Friday I went out with some people from work to a cancer fundraiser for a friend that passed away a couple of years ago.

Yesterday morning I took Nat on a date to get her ears pierced! I have been wanting to take her for about a year now, but her papa said "not until she can decide for herself". So this weekend was the weekend, and I'm so proud of her, she didn't even flinch! She now has a pair of beautiful pink studs to compliment her beautiful face. Of course we went for ice cream after the appointment since she was such a big girl! Then we stopped at Toys R Us and I let her pick out one thing, naturally she picked Disney Princess make up. That kid loves to dress up and wear make up. I think she enjoyed her day with her aunty, I know I did! I'm so lucky that I can do those sorts of things, and once the twinlets get a bit older you can bet I'll be taking them out for their turn to be spoiled!

So Happy Sunday to you all, hope you enjoy the day.

-   Katie xoxo

Friday, March 15, 2013

Flashback Friday: Pink Stripes & Life Sized Teddy Bears

Probably two of my all time favourite pictures of this little Ham. Those blue eyes and red chubby cheeks just kill me!! 

-   Katie xoxo

Tuesday, March 12, 2013