Monday, March 11, 2013

At The Moment

Watching :: Lots of movies with my man friend lately. I’ve even gone to the theater to see new releases about 5 times in the past month. That’s huge for me, mainly because I’m too cheap to spend that much on a movie. I normally go to a new movie only a handful of times a year. But I really enjoy going on dates with my man J it’s something we’ve done since we started seeing each other and I enjoy every moment of it.

Listening to :: A random mix on my iPod – nothing in particular this week!

Planning :: What to make for dinner tonight! I’m thinking meatballs J

Thinking about :: Going to see the new Oz movie with James Franco – I’ve seen a few previews and really want to go see it!

Loving ::  The fact that our Italy trip tickets are FINALLY PURCHASED.

Stressing about :: Travelling…. I’m hilarious, I know!

Looking forward to :: Getting a new phone – I’ve had my fossil iPhone 3 for almost 3 full years now – and I’m not picky, but my phone has been dying a slow, slow death and it’s time for a new one. Wednesday is the magical day!

Reading :: My Guide to Italy book. It’s actually quite interesting and only makes me more excited to be going!

Making me happy :: All of the positive and amazing people in my life. I love you all and am so grateful to call you my friends J

Wishing :: The weather would stay warm – it was plus 7 on Sunday, which is perfect outside activity weather. I want to start getting out for walks more this year and I’m excited to start doing it!

What are you guys up to? Any trips planned in the near future?

-  Black heart (cards) Katie xoxo

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