Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Quit Slackin

I came across this quote a week or so ago and it really struck me. Lately I've been in this 'funk' we shall call it. I am usually a very productive, organized, energized individual - but the past little while I just haven't been myself. Now the past couple of months have been difficult for me for obvious reasons (to which I will keep to myself and the people who already know) BUT I need to get my 'normal' self back. So when I saw this quote and then woke up to this beautiful hoar frost last week - I got inspired. With little baby steps I am trying to get myself back into a routine. You may have noticed a little neglect on the blog. I've been trying hard not to let it slip as I do really enjoy this outlet. And I appreciate all of you that do take the time out of your days to pop by and check out my end of the world. So bare with me, I know you're there, and I love you all <3

This past weekend was a great start, I laid low and checked only a couple things off of my list. BUT this is OK. I'm reminding myself that it's ok to not get it all done at once. Nothing is pressing and urgent that it has to be done all at once. 

So with these big feet of mine, one at a time, I am taking my baby steps to get back on track to being Katie again. 

 Katie xoxo

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