Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Today. I Am Old.

Today is a hard day for me.

Today I turned 25 years old.

I do not like the number 25.

25 is ½ of 50.

50 Is Old.


I am trying to be positive about this. Things could be worse. I live a pretty good life and I am grateful for this. I’m not even sure what’s going on in this head of mine, or why this birthday is a hard one for me. I think it’s just because I don’t like the realization that time moves quickly and life passes us by far too fast. I know, I know stop complaining about how quickly time goes – we hear about it every week from you. Sorry guys, BUT IT’S THE COLD HARD TRUTH!!!! On a positive note, I am going to The Melting Pot for my birthday dinner with a few of my favourite people, and you better believe I will be stuffing my face full of fondu.

It’s times like this that we need to cherish everyone and everything we have in our lives….and so, to sum this up; a very heartfelt thank you is due for all of you who have been there for me. I love you all.

Now please wind back the clock to when I was 8 years old wishing to grow up and be a Barbie! ;)

-   Katie xoxo


  1. Uggh you people that hate birthdays! Seriously, the opposite of NOT celebrating a birthday....THAT sucks! ;)

    I'm turning 30 in a week and I'm excited! Happy birthday!

  2. I am surprised but this post made me tear up a bit.
    You know if she could be here today Mom would ask you, "and Katie, what would you like to be when you grow up?"

    I love you sister. Let today be a special one for you. If you want to worry about being old just leave that to tomorrow :)

  3. happy birthday my beautiful niece. Hope you are having an especially great day! If it's any consolation, I would not want to be 25 and am grateful to be the age I am!! trust me when I say that life does get easier and simpler the older you get ( i mean a couple of decades or so older!!!) But so much fun in the between years....enjoy "every" day that you have and know that there are many places to see, people to love, mountains to conquer and fun to be had!! Love you my dear katie and can't wait to see you in just a few more sleeps!!!
    Aunty Lili

  4. Oh Katie your life is just beginning. So much to look forward to wait until your child says mom how old are you answer 35 oh that's old....not!! Have a wonderful night can't wait to see you so you can help with all the kiddies :):) are you bringing your love??? He can help too... oh it is going to be so much fun we need one big sucker of a birthday cake!!Love you Aunty Lenoxoxo