Thursday, April 18, 2013

Jumping For Joy

I came across this gem last night while going through some older pictures on my computer. I think it's the perfect picture for the moment as my sister had her last day of classes on Tuesday. She is an English major at the University of Calgary and has worked so hard for the past four years towards her degree. Words cannot describe how proud I am of my little sister for sticking to it when she felt like giving up. For her countless nights of staying up until 3 in the morning to finish a 2000 word essay for class the next day, and then getting up and doing it all again. Only 12 more days until you write your last exam, and 13 more days until we leave for Italy. You can do it, you're so close to the finish line to freedom and a whole new big scary world awaits you at the end.

I just want to tell you how proud I am of you Amy. I love you so so much and I know that you are only going to achieve greatness in this world. Just remember that you are an amazing individual with a family that will support you no matter the path you choose to pave for yourself.

There is only one success--to be able to spend your life in your own way.
- Christopher Morley
-   Katie xoxo

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  1. couldn't have said it any better myself!! you girls have so much to look forward to....will be a great year!! love you both.....lili